Wedding packages


 Within every woman there is a charming princess. Likewise in every man there is a handsome prince. You dream, create, love and dream again …. When do your dreams come true? The perfect opportunity to make your brightest dreams a reality is on your Wedding Day. The First Dance of a Wedding is the most memorable and important moment of every young family. Premium Ballroom wants to be sure that this

endearing moment sparkles and shines! In our experience as dance instructors, future husbands and wives who dance together will open a new avenue in their relationsh

ip that they can take well beyond their Wedding Day.

 For wedding choreography, it takes a minimum of 5 hours to learn your routine but 15-20 hours is ideal to communicate with body language, understanding your partner without words. We will put a lot of work and passion into choreographing a routine that you will never forget. We can provide you with music or you can bring your own. All editing of music will be done with a professional approach. Believe us, your effort will really impress and surprise many of your friends and relatives!

 What will it be—an elegant Waltz or passionate Tango, a heart-touching Rumba or something different from your fantasies? It all depends on your preferences. Perhaps get your Bridal Party involved and have them join you at the end of your routine. Sky’s the limit, no matter the size or style of your Wedding.

 Make a confession of love with dance! This is a tradition of two people who want to be together forever.